Here at Howes, we specialise in fire doors around the South East, including fire door supply, fire door installation and fire door maintenance. We have recently worked on a series of properties with Golding Homes as the end-user, one of the leading housing associations in the South East, to fit 40 doors including 36 flat entrance fire doors and replacements to 4 communal bin stores.

Every building is required to adhere to Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order to ensure the safety of all occupants. Both the fire doors and the bin stores were showing signs of wear and damage meaning they were not compliant with current fire safety regulations, and it was necessary for Golding Homes to make upgrades.

Looking for a reputable contractor to carry out this work, we are delighted that our client selected Howes to complete the project. As industry experts based in Kent, our team at Howes we were able to replace the doorsets in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring that everyone’s safety is our utmost priority.

Fire doors are designed to stop the spread of fire, extending the time for people to leave the premises safely by creating a barrier from the fire.
We were able to complete the project in a span of three weeks and our accredited fire door installers worked with our client to ensure the fire doors installation proceeded smoothly and efficiently. When we complete fire door installations, it is essential that we work with the business collaboratively so that they understand the entire process and the importance of our work.

As a result of quality fire door installations, occupants can be reassured of their safety and in the knowledge, in the event of an emergency they will be in the safest possible position. During the installation project, we kept disturbance to a minimum, working during approved hours to respect the vulnerable occupants living on the premises. We were also in constant communication with our client’s project managers so that they knew the progress of the project and could support us where needed.

We are pleased to announce that 36 flat entrances with glazed side screens have now been replaced and new bin stores have been fitted and maintained so that all aspects adhere to the highest standard of fire safety. The materials we use are all certified for use, so Golding Homes and their residents can take comfort that if a fire was to break out then our fire doors will do their job.

Our work doesn’t stop there. Here at Howes, we also inspect and maintain fire doors, check for any faults or damage that may occur.
Over time natural disturbance can cause defects on the fire door frames and door sets, which is why regular fire door maintenance is an essential part of keeping any building fully safety compliant.
Following this project, we are committed to returning to the premises to properly inspect and maintain the doors on both the residential flats and communal bin stores as we prioritise long term safety. With proper attention and maintenance quality fire doors like ours will be fit for purpose for a long time, protecting both lives and assets that mean so much.

If you are looking for advice or support in regards to Fire Safety procedures in relation to residential or commercial properties, do get in touch with us. Our team of industry experts would love to discuss your project in more detail.

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