The Rockdale Housing project in Sevenoaks was an immense triumph, as we successfully completed the installation and decoration of 93 fire rated doorsets to the highest standard and within the designated timeframe and budget. The satisfaction of our client was so profound that they have chosen to retain our services for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the fire doors. This not only reflects the exceptional quality of our work but also the trust we have fostered with our client.

Replacing fire doors is an exceptionally important task, particularly when it comes to the living accommodations of elderly individuals. Our team’s unwavering commitment to safety and delivering top-notch work provided a great sense of reassurance for both the residents and our client.

Regular inspections and prompt repairs are absolutely crucial in ensuring the continued functionality and safety of these fire doors.

From this project, we have gained invaluable insights and implemented highly successful strategies that will greatly benefit our future endeavours. By constantly refining our processes, we will not only continue to surpass expectations but also achieve even more remarkable results in the times to come.

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