We recently worked on a large project for Town and Country Housing to update a total of 93 fire door sets. A fire door set not only consists of the door leaf itself but also the frame, ironmongery and installation.

This included flat entrance fire doors, communal fire doors and a lift motor room. During the initial inspection, it was clear that fire door sets needed an update to adhere to current Building Regulations and the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order which was no trouble for our team of experts here at Howes.

Due to the size of the project, our team completed across five weeks which allowed thorough investigation and time to precisely review the work complete to ensure all was compliant. Three of our accredited team members and our supervisor worked throughout the project from start to finish, ensuring that every step was taken for smooth and efficient progress.

Due to the occupants of some properties living with both physical and learning disabilities, our team took measures to ensure they caused the least disturbance to residents as possible. We regularly work in situations where we need to adapt our work or be mindful of different needs and take pride that our installation teams are friendly and approachable.

The entrance and communal fire doors offer a safe solution to many multiple story buildings. Multiple level buildings have strict fire regulations to maximise the safety and control of a fire between different areas. Our quality fire doors are available in different fire ratings offering protection from 30 minutes up until 120 minutes. Installing the 93 fire door sets for Town and Country is an essential passive fire control measure and during the event of the fire, each fire door will work collaboratively.

Depending on where a fire is situated within a property, in some cases it may be safer for residents to call the emergency services to notify them of their location and remain within their individual flat than trying to evacuate. Passing through smoke can cause greater risk especially to those who have mobility issues. Whereas our quality fire doors can keep them safe until they can be evacuated safely. An important yet potentially life-saving solution.

At the end of our installation project, each door was assessed and evaluated to ensure it meets regulations to the highest standard. From here onwards, we are committed to working with our client offering our fire door maintenance service, ensuring that any damage or wear and tear is identified and repaired promptly and efficiently.

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